Tuesday, June 14, 2011

abstract landscape with Jerrold Ballaine

Look at Ballaine's work Autumn landscape, 1960
what do you see.
Is there a shadow? is there water? what is the white spot?
Oil resist
lifting out color
adding texture with “new” art tools

ARTIST: Jerrold Ballaine was born in Seattle, Washington in 1934.  
He attended the University of Washington in Seattle.  
He got his BFA from the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco in 1959 and his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1961.  
Ballaine taught at the University of California, Berkeley from 1965 through 1994.

PROJECT: students create expressionist type landscape using oil resist and texture
Step1: Draw a horizon line
at least one tree, 
something in the background on the horizon, body of water, etc...
Two organic shapes
a shadow for your tree
Add an organic shape of tape 
add newspaper in a geometric shape
Step2: fill in a great deal of the piece BELOW the horizon using very thick oil pastel in several colors
Step3: using craft stick scrape oil pastel in certain ares to lift and move 
Step4: using a sponge begin to add in watercolor in the background add it in lines of value
Pure color across the top in a line
add water to the sponge and another line under
add more water and a third line
continue if needed
Step5: push the watercolor by scraping in in one area.
Step6: add a wash of color in foreground and cover with plastic wrap to dry
oil pastels
craft sticks to take away oil pastels and later to scrape watercolor
watercolor paper
watercolor paint
plastic wrap
paper towels

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