Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blind Contour Cubism Portraits with Picasso

Contour line
Blind contour
Still life
Geometric Shape
Organic shape
Complementary colors
Cool colors Warm Colors
Rules of Blind Contour

Do not look at your paper
Start at the top of the object
Follow the object with your eyes and move your hand as your eye moves
Do not pick up your pencil for the duration of the drawing time
If you finish go over the shape again until time runs out
Spanish painter, sculpture, printmaker, ceramicist, and illustrator
Father of cubism
Father was an art teacher
Attended academy of fine arts in Barcelona
Left for Paris a year after and painted the poor on the street is blue tones
1904 began to paint happy circus performers in pink tones
Studied Gauguin’s work, began experimenting with distortion
1907 collaborated with Braque to produce Cubism
Cubists try to show all sides of an object at once using geometric forms
Draw blind contour cubist style portraits
Spend thirty+ minutes practicing blind contour several times with time limits
      use the rules of Blind Contour listed above
Step1: draw a blind contour drawing of a front facing portrait
Step2: ON THE SAME PAPER: draw a blind contour drawing of the profile right on top of the front facing portrait
Step3: Finish this piece next week by filling in with colors in the shapes created.
Oil pastels

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