Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monoprint Reflection landscapes with Gregory Kondos

Landscapes from a new perspective
Artist and the artwork: Sacramento River, 1981 Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, CA
graded washes
centered horizon lines
reflective water
Mono prints

Artist: Gregory Kondos
Painter Gregory Kondos executes thickly painted landscapes known for their buttery spread of bright, warm color. Even the cool tones of the color blue in a Kondos painting are heated, evoking sun-warmed expanses of summer sky and waters. Perhaps this is because of the intense light that drenches the Sacramento and Napa Valleys that he likes to depict. Heat also plays a role, causing the regional landscape to shimmer in a veil of heavy air that mutes the intensity of color and broadly flattens detail. This, of course, is common in Sacramento, home to the artist, where he has painted and taught for half a century. 
In his use of high-keyed color and broad paint handling Kondos shows an affinity to artists such as Wayne Thiebaud, with whom he shares an abiding friendship, Roland Petersen, and Bay Area artist Raimonds Staprans. Unique to Kondos, however, is his verity to subject. Arguably, Petersen and Staprans overtly generalize the landscape, while Thiebaud’s landscape forays are about pattern and its role in establishing illusion. Kondos’s compositions are balanced in order to express not only the tranquility of the scene, but also the pleasure of solitary communion with nature. The artist offers, “If you look at my work, you will find qualities of quietness and cleanliness, but, above all, you’ll find that I’m a loner.” 
create a reflective landscape using the mono print method
Step1: Fold your paper in half horizontally
Step2: Using liquid watercolor Paint a tree trunk
Step3: fold your paper to print the tree trunk
Step4: continue painting and printing tree trunks until you have 3-7 trees
Step5: add a tree top on one of your trunks, fold and print your tree tops
Step6: continue until all of your trees have tops
Step7: add land under your trees, grass or hills, etc. and fold your paper to print them 
Step8: add your sky behind the trees, remember to print them before they dry you might print several times during teh painting process
Last: using wet brush with clear water pull the reflection slightly to give it a more real reflective quality
watercolor paper

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