Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Symmetry and Asymmetry with Tino Rodriguez

Look at: Xochipilli's Estatic Universe
Oil on panel, 2004 by Tino Rodriguez;  Crocker Art Museum

What do you see first in this piece of art?
Is this a photograph? 
Could this really happen OR is it more like a dream?
What parts are the MOST dreamlike?
What about this piece is the same on two sides? Symmetrical
If we cut it in half, both sides would be the same: the bird, the butterfly, the face
Let’s name more things that are the same on two sides
What about this piece is Asymmetrical?
ARTIST: Tino Rodriguez
Tino Rodríguez is a Mexican-American painter. 
Born and raised in Guadalajara, Mexico, Rodriguez was influenced by the symbolism and themes evident in the Catholic churches of his youth. His work was also influenced by his absorption of fairy tales.
His work incorporates fantastical imagery combining animal and human forms, as well as dream-like backgrounds and settings.
His work has been exhibited at numerous venues in San Francisco.
Rodriguez studied at the Sorbonne in 1990. 
He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico.
Project: Balance (symmetrical) Butterflies vs Asymmetrical background
Step1: Fold a piece of large paper once about the 1/3 mark
Step2: On one half of the folded page draw half a butterfly in oil pastel
Step3: Fold the paper and rub until the butterfly transfers to the other half
Step4: draw in the lines so the two sides match 
Step5: using oil pastel draw in details on the wings, line on the body any ideas to make your Butterfly unique. Remember every detail you add to one wing must be added to the 
  opposite wing
Step6: using a pencil draw the background around your butterfly. Add some dreamlike ideas into your environment, remember this is your asymmetrical opportunity.
Step7: Using paint, paint additional symmetrical details on your butterfly
Step8: paint your background asymmetrical

Oil pastels
water cups

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