Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tinted Cool Colors and Warm Tree drops with FawazO

DISCUSSION: warm and cool colors
What are they 
Why are the warm or cool?
How do we make colors lighter?
How do we make colors darker?
Whay would we make colors darker and lighter?
Look at the artwork: Tree of Life;
Discuss the artwork
What do you see
How did he make the roots
How did he make the leaves
Does it look like a tree?
ARTIST: Fawaz AlOlaiwat Aka FawazO, Born September 4th, 1977-  
FawazO lived all his life in Bahrain, A small island in the heart of the Arabian Gulf. 
FawazO is an artist born in color, in culture, in a home for inspirations. 
Rooted to a family of artists, he has spiraled and stemmed, sprouting into the sun.
As an award winning artist FawazO has attracted an international appeal. He displays several paintings in galleries abroad (including Denmark and Dubai).  
Acclaimed, appreciated, and still humble, FawazO expresses suppression, love, romance, peace, and the will to be free in his digital creations.  
He tells his art in layers, in textures, in meaningful colors. 
He forms his art to tell a story, to spark imagination, to awaken curiosity, to ignite passion. 
Most recent in his portfolio is a wide collection of Corporate Identities, and Brand Developments.  
His love for creativity has also inspired him to produce Corporate Art, or as the Artist labels it “BrandArt”.  
PROJECT: Create a drip tree using stencil and warm liquid watercolors
Step1: place the stencil over your paper making sure circle is centered; tape it in place
Step2: using droppers or q-tips: drop warm colored watercolors inside the stencil until you are filled with warm drops or dots
Step3: remove stencil
Step4: using oil pastel: draw a line along the foreground of the page living 2 inches below for roots
Step5: using lines draw in tree trunk and roots below surface; draw them as singular lines and dots on roots like the artist
Step6: add white to green and blue tempura paint
Step7: paint in sky by tree do not touch the tree just paint around the circle
Step8: paint in ground below purple line light green
liquid watercolor
White, blue and green tempura paint
dropper or q-tips
circles stencils
blue tape

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