Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Texture Tide Pools with Ted Lawson

Van Gogh: Warm Colors
Victor Vasarely: Line
Form: Claes Oldenburg
Fawazo:  Tint
Andy Warhol: pattern
Discussion: Texture 
Texture? What is it?
What does your hair feel like?  What does the bottom of your shoe feel like?
What do your pants feel like?  What does tree bark feel like?
Some things are rough like tree bark and the bottom of our shoes
Some things are soft like kittens and our hair
Can we see texture?   Can you smell texture?
Visual Texture, tactile texture. 
Look and talk about Ted Lawson’s Tide pool work. 
Ted Lawson
Ted’s initial art training came during high school in Phoenix, Arizona. 
Ted always remained interested in art but a tour in the US Navy and a career in engineering 
delayed his early progress. 
Ted has since studied with nationally known instructors Gerald Brommer, Tony Couch and Fred Graff and continues training and development in watercolor composition and design.
Ted works in watercolors and acrylics primarily in a representational style 
He experiments with non objective and abstract styles. 
He leaves it up to the viewer to use his or her own intellect and experiences to find the underlying meanings. 
Ted likes to create art using "the things that people see and use everyday" as his inspiration. 
His ideas involving common everyday scenes or objects spring from his extensive foreign and domestic travels as well as glimpses of New York City. 
Ted continuously strives to accomplish the goal of creating something that is entertaining and thought provoking for other people to look at and enjoy.
Ted resides in Canton, Ohio with his wife Patricia, a high school Spanish teacher. 
for more information, please visit: PROJECT
WEEK !: PROJECT: Create water and texture rubbing rocks
PREPARATION: set up the room in stations Watercolor station, salt station and texture stations
Step1: Using a new piece of construction paper for each rock. Walk around each rubbing station, hold construction paper over texture mat and color with a grey, black or white crayon. Leave your rock at each station
Step2: at water color station, spray watercolor paper with water, use large brush to add in blue water
Step3: take watercolor paper to salt station and add salt on top of your water

Liquid watercolors
Texture rubbings of all sorts (Sand Paper, etc.)
Construction paper

WEEK 2: Texture creatures
Step1: Glue Texture rocks around your tide pools
Step2: Cut rubber bands and glue (elmers)  them to the paper around the shape of a sea urchin
Step3: Cut a oval out of laminate or smooth plastic (Plastic plate in white) and draw lines around him like a muscle
Step4: cut and color with oil pastels a bright star fish out of sand paper

Sand Paper cut into star shape
Rocks from week 1
pastic in clear or white
black sharpies
Oil pastels
Glue sticks
Elmers glue