Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Warm and Cool Relief Sculpture with Hundertwasser

Discussion: Form
Where do we find sculptures? 
Do we find paintings in a park? 
When you have a sculpture do you see the back? 
3D vs 2D
Relief sculpture, only the front usually used on buildings 
Sometimes tell a story. 
Texture: where do we find texture? 
Hair vs. Shoe
Warm and cool colors

ARTIST: Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1978-2000)
The eccentric and playfully self-advertising Viennese artist 
Early school reports attested to his "exceptional feeling for colour and form". 
Hundertwasser spent three months at the Viennese Art Academy
Morocco, Tunisia, Nepal, Tokyo and Siberia inspirational for the path he intended to follow. 
Hundertwasser developed an abstract, decorative, two-dimensional and vibrantly colourful, utterly distinctive style distinguished by ornamental spiral, circles, meanders and biomorphic shapes.
During the 1960s Friedensreich Hundertwasser was extremely successful
Active in the ecological movement, Hundertwasser was committed to making life livable in a humane environment that was close to nature. 
So versatile and prolific was Hundertwasser that he also designed coins and stamps for Austria, Senegal and the UN from the 1970s. 
In 1981 Hundertwasser was appointed head of the master for painting at the Viennese Art Academy. 
The famous Hundertwasser House in Vienna, begun in 1983, attests to Hunderwasser's skill as an architect.
Friedensreich Hundertwasser died on a cruise ship off New Zealand in 2000.
PROJECT: WEEK !: Create clay tile and flower 
Step1: grab your block of clay and tear off 1/3. 
Step2: using the large clay ball flatten into a flat square 
Step3: make sure the edges are smooth
Step4: using a craft stick make stripes in your clay making at least five stripes
Step5: using a craft stick make stripes or marks in each stripe just like last week. Leaving texture behind
Step6: with the reminder of your clay make a snake
Step7: twirl your snake into a spiral 
Step8: if you can make your tail of the snake the stem of your spiral, if not we will bring you more clay to create a stem

Project: WEEK TWO
Step1: paint the tile in cool colors.
Step2: paint your flower in warm colors

White construction paper
Warm and cool colored paint
Pop cycle sticks

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