Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Spray Paint and dotted landscapes with Seurat

Prep: cut or rip watercolor paper and construction paper into 3x8.5 strips
Cut out or hole punch 2" circles these could be yellow or printed yellow
Discussion: Pointillism: small dots next to each other when looked at from far away become a picture. 
Primary dots next to each other mix with the viewers eye. 
Look at the work Sunday afternoon at the Park by the artist Seurat
What do you see? 
What color did he use most?
Do you see a monkey?
What would you do if you were there? 
ARTIST: Georges Seurat 
French Painter
Invented pointillism
Took informal art lessons as a teen
Attended art school in Paris
He studied the relationship between lines and images and the effect light had on color
He wanted to know more about the emotional effect of color
He influenced science with his studies of colors
Step 1: paint watercolor paper with blue liquid water color paint
Step 2: on square card stock paper 8.5 x8.5, glue on blue watercolor at the top
Step3: glue on orange construction paper in the middle
Step 4 glue on pink construction paper on the bottom
Step5: spray pink and orange with two to three squirts of lime liquid watercolor in a spritz bottle
Step6: glue on your round pre cut sun shine on the top in the blue 
Step 7: with q-tips add in round flowers in all colors on the pink and orange paper
Step8: with tooth picks add in dark green centers in each flower to finish
Pink and orange construction paper 3" x 8.5"
Water color paper 3"x 8.5"
Tooth picks
tempura paint
Blue liquid watercolor
Card stock cut to 8.5"x8.5"

This project was adapted from this website:  Please visit for additional information

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