Saturday, October 20, 2012

Organic shape and geometric shape movement figures with Keith Haring

Organic Shape VS Geometric shape
Geometric shapes: 
Name some....Square, circle, rectangle, 
Can they be solved with MATH: Yes!
Organic Shapes: 
Name Some....Bird, Tree, you and me!!!
Can they be solved with Math??? NO!
How does Haring show movement? 
What color does he use when the figures move

ARTIST: Keith Haring
Born 1958
Age 19 first show
1978 went to school in NY
Created subway drawings on blank ad space
Worked with children
Wanted everyone to be able to have his work
Worked with causes
Died young in 1988
Wanted everyone to make art especially kids
Show Keith Haring’s work

Project: Create a haring like art work with primary colors and shapes
Step1: in pencil: using Geometric shape: Draw  a circle head
Step2: using a square, draw a body
Step 3 using a rectangle draw two arms (show movement)
Step4: using rectangles, draw two legs (show movement) 
Step5: using ovals, draw hands and feet
Step6: Using organic shape, draw around your figure two times
Step7: paint your figure in red
Step8: paint your first organic shape in yellow
Step9: paint your next organic shape in blue
Step10: outline your figure in BLACK
Step11: create at least one set of movement lines 

Card stock
Red blue and yellow paint
Black paint


  1. Your students have created great movement in their work :)

  2. This is awesome and I'm using it as inspiration tomorrow with my kindergartners!