Friday, November 16, 2012

Warm and Cool Imagination Drawings with Chagall

Warm and cool colors 
What are warm colors? 
How can they make us feel? 
Excited angry hungry
What are cool colors? 
How do they makes us feel? 
Relax, calm, sad

Imagination: what does it mean to have imagination
Dreams, creative

Artist: Marc Chagall
Russian Born. French painter
Known for his use of colors
Known for his dreamlike images
He used clear colors and geometric forms
Mastered stain glass in his sixties

Step1: using a pencil draw a tree in the middle of the paper long ways
Step2: turn the paper
Step3: draw a house square triangle add windows and details
Step4: turn the paper
Step5: draw circles and stars
Step6: turn the paper
Step7: draw a person like they are flying 
Step8: color the objects in using warm colors
Step9: add white oil pastels to any object that you want to be white
Step10: add black to outline objects or add movement
Step11: using liquid watercolor in cool colors

Card stock
Oil pastels in warm colors
Liquid watercolors in cool colors

This lesson was adapted from: The Incredible Art Department. Thanks!!!

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  1. These are all adorable! Chagall is one of my all-time favourite artists but I have found it tricky to translate his work into a lesson- this is perfect! Thanks for sharing all the steps.