Saturday, January 12, 2013

Negative and positive Space with Mathilda Roussel

Positive space and Negative
What is positive space? 
When we cut something out positive is the object
Negative is the hole
In a sculpture positive space is the materials
Negative space is the holes in and around the work
Space is also the distance between points and planes in an artwork

What do you think of this piece? 
What is positive
What is negative
What is the work made from? 

ARTIST: Mathilde Roussel (Ma-tit   Rou-sel) 
French artist based in Paris. 
Her work is a sensible and symbolic research about the nature of physical life. 
She is interested in the cyclic metamorphoses that transform organic matter, whether vegetable, animal or human. 
Roussel interrogates the ways in which time weighs on our body, leaving its traces as an imprint and thus creating an invisible archive of our emotions, a mute history of our existence. 
She uses a diversity of materials from paper to fabric, from rubber to graphite. 
Her ephemeral sculptures she uses organic matter such as wheat grass, pollen, sap or milk. Her work becomes a mapping of the body, an anatomy of the time and space inhabited by our fragile presence in the world.

Step1: Fill your paper with different colored tissue paper. Glue them down
Layer and overlap to show change in color
Step2: Using a second paper cut out a shape, any shape and throw the shape away
Keep the hole
Step3: Layer the hole on top of the paper with the tissue. Glue it top top
Step4: crop the sides if needed. 

Two pieces of card stock the same size

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