Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Blind Contour Still Life

INTRODUCTION to lesson (Anticipatory set): 

"I hate flowers -- I paint them because they're cheaper than models and they don't move."- Georgia O'Keeffe. 

Students will: Think-Pair-Share
Independently read the Quote
Discuss the quote with group members
Independently write down their own response
Share written responses with group members
Participate in this class discussion 

OBJECTIVE: Draw and shade a large still life using Blind Contour Drawing as the tool.  Students will finish the blind contour drawing using shading techniques they have studied previously.
Draw their hands for pre-assessment
Discuss art history, Blind Contour, shading techniques
Practice drawing still life several times
Students will be able comprehend and use these terms in relation to drawing 
Hatching Blind Contour Stippling Tint
Crosshatching Contour line Scumbling Contour hatching
Shade Light Source Still Life Modified BCD

1.2 Discuss a series of their original works of art, using the appropriate vocabulary of art.
2.1 Create original works of art of increasing complexity and skill in a variety of media that reflect their feelings and points of view
4.1 Describe the relationship involving the art maker (artist), the making (process), the artwork (product), and the viewer.
5.3 Prepare portfolios of their original works of art for a variety of purposes (e.g., review for post secondary application, exhibition, job application, and personal collection)
PURPOSE: Drawing in the Blind Contour drawing technique become more valuable when students understand the rules and see a finished product

Students will be introduced to the artists Andy Warhol and Barry Flanagan and their line drawing studies. These works will allow students to comprehend using blind contour and a simplifying a still life from objects to shapes. 

MATERIALS: Sketch Books Drawing Pencils
Copy Paper 12x18 white paper or card stock
Day 1: Power Point Presentation
Opening: In sketch Books, Art Quote O’Keeffe activity
Review Girl upside down and directions
Draw hand in two minute timed blind contour drawing 
Model or show video of Blind Contour 
Art History: Andy Warhol and Barry Flanagan
Try each hold in sketch book
Shading Techniques
Draw still life in two minute timed drawing for the remainder of class
CLOSURE: How do you feel about the Still life Drawing? Write brief 
Notes on thoughts in sketch book. 
Teacher Models: 
Blind Contour Drawing of hand
Each Shading Technique 
Check for Understanding: 
Check Blind Contour hands by walking around the room
Check Blind Contour Still life by walking around the room
Day 2: Studio class
Opening: "The best artists know what to leave out."- Charles de 
Review Power point on Blind Contour rules
Review holding your pencil
Draw still life on large paper
Fill the page with balanced composition
Find details of each object using line
Find Light source of each object and identify the lightest
And darkest point of each
Shade each object in still life 
Students receive large Paper and begin their BCD of Still life
Students complete drawings by finding all the details in the still
Life using line. 
CLOSURE: write brief summary of studio class in journal
Day 3: Studio Class
Opening: Art Link: Draw five circles and try each shading technique 
From one light source
Review Shading Techniques
Students begin to finish each still life object using each shading
Technique at least once in the composition
CLOSURE: How do you feel about your work to date? 
Day 4: Studio Class: Work on Final assignment
Opening: ART LINK: Don’t think about making art just get it done. 
Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they 
Love it or hate it. While they are deciding , make more art. 
Students continue work on final art project

Day 5: Studio Class: work on Final Assignment and CRITIQUE
Opening: In sketch books, Draw Your Hand using BCD
and shade one finger 5 Minute activity
Students complete final project first 30 minutes
Students participate in Critique last 25 minutes of class. 

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