Monday, April 4, 2011

Donut Sculpture with Wayne Theibaud

DISCUSSION:  Clay: what is it? Where does it come from?
what can you make with it?
when you make things with clay are they flat like paper?
Look at Wayne Thiebaud's work Cupcakes and Donuts
What colors did he use?
What does the painting remind you of?
What might the location smell like?
Is it somewhere you would like to visit?
How many donuts did he paint? one?

ARTIST: Wayne Thiebaud 
(born November 15, 1920) 
He is an American painter 
whose most famous works are of cakes, pastries, boots, toilets, toys and lipsticks
He is associated with the Pop art movement because of his interest in objects of mass culture,
 although his works, executed during the fifties and sixties, slightly predate the works of the classic pop artists. 
Thiebaud uses heavy pigment and exaggerated colors to depict his subjects
well-defined shadows characteristic of advertisements are almost always included in his work.

Week One: roll your clay in a ball and then slowly push your thumbs through the center and flatten to create the look of a donut with a hole in the center

Before you kiln them: underglaze the donuts with a donut color. Then run a bisque fire.

Week Two: Glaze the donuts with donut glaze like colors: chocolate, strawberry, clear glaze.

Glaze fire them in the kiln

Week Three: using gloss acrylics all stripes and polka dots for details.
OR: leave them rustic
OR: add colored wire and beads to make sprinkles as in the photo example below:

donut colored glazes
gloss acrylics
wire and beads.


  1. I am sooooooo doing this! : ) Thanks!

  2. Are they solid or hollow? I love them!! I just want to figure out how to make them.