Thursday, April 28, 2011

Folk Art Tissue Birds with Maud Lewis and Grandma Moses

DISCUSSION: folk Art: 
what is folk art? art without formal training
are we folk artists? 
Look at our two examples of folk art
how are they the same?
how are they different?
Maud lewis 
Maud Lewis  1903-1970
Nova Scotia, Canada
Born in Ohio
She suffered from disabilities as a result of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
lived most of her life in poverty with her husband in Marshalltown. 
he began her artistic career by hand-drawing Christmas cards. 
These proved popular with her husband's customers as he sold fish door to door and encouraged her to begin painting. 
She used bright colors in her paintings and subjects were often of oxen teams, horses, or cats. 
All of her paintings are of outdoor scenes. 
Her house was one-room with a sleeping loft and is now located in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax.
Most of Maud Lewis' paintings are quite small - often no larger than eight by ten inches
She is known to have done at least three paintings 16 inches by 20 inches. 
Her technique consisted of first drawing an outline and then applying paint directly out of the tube. 
She never mixed colors.
She painted on everything in the home as she often did not have enough money to buy supplies
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Anna Mary Robertson Moses (September 7, 1860 – December 13, 1961), 
better known as "Grandma Moses", was a renowned American folk artist
She is often cited as an example of an individual successfully beginning a career in the arts at an advanced age
She did not start painting until she was 7-0
Began painting to give as gifts she said it was easier then cooking a present.
sold her paintings for $2 and $3 dollars.
Although her family and friends called her either "Mother Moses" or "Grandma Moses," she first exhibited as "Mrs. Moses," yet the press eagerly dubbed her "Grandma Moses," which stuck." [1] 
LIFE magazine celebrated her 100th birthday by featuring her on its September 19, 1960 cover.
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PROJECT: create folk art inspired bird drawing with tissue paper
Step1: brush onto your page a mixture of glue and water
Step2: place in pre-cut squares of all different tissue paper
slightly overlapping edges is good but don’t overlap too much
Step3: fill your page with the tissue
Step4: using squeeze bottle squeeze in a bird on top of your tissue
circle for the head
oval for the body
half circles for wings
rectangle for tail feather
triangle for the beak
small circle for the eye
add a heart in the middle if you like.
MATERIALS: tissue, water and glue mixture, black glue mixture in squirt bottle.

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