Saturday, October 1, 2011

Line Mammals with Victor Vasarely

(because we are beginning a new school year I included my first day introductions)

I am Mrs Mollie
Let’s talk about art
what is art?
where do we see it?
what should we talk about when we look at it?
color, shape, line, texture, value, hear, see, smell, 
Is Art right and wrong?
mistakes in art: good or bad?
One Rule: do not comment on your neighbors artwork.  
Line: what is a line?
Where do we see lines
what do lines do in art?
How many line scan you name  and where might we see them in life:
zig zag, swirl, straight, thin, thick diagonal, curves, wavy
Shapes: name a shape
how do lines make shapes?
Mammals: you have been talking about mammals in class
what are mammals
where do we see them?
might we see them in art?
show artwork of tangled black and white zebras. 
Victor Vasarely, (vah-zah-RAY-lee)
born Hungarian:
French artist: sculpture, painter printmaker 
He lead the development of the op art movement
Op-Art: an artistic style that uses geometric abstraction
Began painting in 1943
Style is characterized by BRIGHT VIBRANT COLORS geometric forms and suggestive movement
Style influeneced by KANDINSKY and KLEE
Zebra, created by Vasarely in the 1930s, is considered by some to be one of the earliest examples of Op-art
Vasarely died in Paris in 1997
PROJECT: Draw a mammal using shapes fill in with lines
Step1: Pick a mammal in your head and think about what shapes you could use to draw him
Step2: using a pencil, begin to draw your shape mammal
Step3: once completed fill in your shape mammal with spiral lines
Step4: Fill in your background using straight or zig zag lines
card stock

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