Saturday, October 1, 2011

Line and shape overlap portfolios with Miro

Discussion: shapes
name a shape
how do we use line to make a shape
how did we use shapes to get to school today?
                        what do we eat in the shape of a triangle or square  
what does it mean to overlap?
                        when you sit on your mom's lap are you overlapping your mom?
can shapes overlap

Show a piece of Miro's artwork:
Do you see shapes in Miro's artwork?
What colors did he use?
Are Miro's shapes overlapping?
Artist:Joan MIRO  (1893-1983)
Spanish painter, sculpture
Would not commit to a certain art style
Associated with the surrealists
Born to the families of a goldsmith and watchmaker
young MirĂ³ was drawn towards the arts community that was gathering in Montparnasse 
1920 moved to Paris, France. He was influenced by the poets and writers, 
He developed his unique style: organic forms and flattened picture planes drawn with a sharp line. 
He would dream about his paintings
He would see the shapes on the ceiling
Project: create a miro inspired shape overlap on portfolios
step1: draw a shape
step2: draw another shape and have them touch corners
Step3: draw a third shape and have that shape touch both of the other shapes
Step4: add lines in black squiggling around the shapes more then one is great
Step5: using markers, fill in some of the shapes here and there Try very hard to stay inside the lines
card stock
sharpie markers
magic markers

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