Tuesday, May 27, 2014

High School Art Final

Mixed Media Collage Reproduction
• Must create a reproduction of work by any famous artist. 
• Minimum 12” X 18” 
Must incorporate: 
Blind contour
Create depth and/or perspective
Shading and value to create form:
USE ONE: Stippling, scumbling, hatching, cross hatching, etc. 
Tessellation OR Op art reference
Pop Art reference
One of the following: Oval action figure, gestural figure OR portrait
Visual and/or tactile texture
Color, emotion, mood
Newspaper and/or magazine 
Paint (watercolor or acrylic) 
Oil Pastel
Graphite pencil drawing
Pen and ink (sharpie OR black ink pen)
  • Required: Please complete the artist statement and final rubric. Blue tape both on the back.
  • Required: Title of work: incorporate original artist’s name into your title. 
  • One day to find your fine art inspiration
  • Four days of studio time, three days of independent work. 
  • Due on May 28 with presentation, including: why you chose the artwork and how you incorporated each requirement. 

Final meets California Art Standards: 

  • 1.8 Analyze the works of a well-known artist as to the art media selected and the effect of that selection on the artist's style.
  • 2.1 Create original works of art of increasing complexity and skill in a variety of media that reflect their feelings and points of view.
  • 2.2 Plan and create works of art that reflect complex ideas, such as distortion, color theory, arbitrary color, scale, expressive content, and real versus virtual.
  • 2.4 Demonstrate in their own works of art a personal style and an advanced proficiency in communicating an idea, theme, or emotion.
  • 2.6 Present a universal concept in a multimedia work of art that demonstrates knowledge of technology skills.
  • 3.2 Identify contemporary artists worldwide who have achieved regional, national, or international recognition and discuss ways in which their work reflects, plays a role in, and influences present-day culture. (artist statement question)
  • 4.1 Describe the relationship involving the art maker (artist), the making (process), the artwork (product), and the viewer.
  • 5.2 Compare and contrast works of art, probing beyond the obvious and identifying psychological content found in the symbols and images.

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