Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Typography and Pattern with Lou Dorfsman

What does it mean? 
Where do we see it? Daily lives, Computer

Louis "Lou" Dorfsman (1918 – October 22, 2008) was a graphic designer who oversaw almost every aspect of the advertising and corporate identity for the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) in his 40 years with the network.
In Eero Saarinen's CBS Building on 52nd Street and Sixth Avenue, Dorfsman was responsible for all of the building's graphics, designating the type, design and spacing for wall clocks, elevator buttons, and elevator inspection stickers.[2] He designed a 35-foot-wide (11 m), 8 1⁄2-foot-tall (2.6 m) design called Gastrotypographicalassemblage for the building's cafeteria that listed all of the foods offered to patrons in hand-milled wood type. Dorfsman considered this work to be "his magnum opus, his gift to the world".[3] The work has now been installed in a building on the campus of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

What is pattern? 
How do we create pattern in art? 

Step1: Grab small square of practice paper
Step2: Practice your letter
Step 3: Make suer the letter is open, like a coloring book 
Step4: Fill the page
Step4: get your letter approved by an adult
Step5: Recreate your letter on the page with type
Step6: Make sure your type page in long ways
Step7: Draw your letter again in the same manner as your practice
Step 8: Fill Your letter with pattern
Step9: Turn in your letter to mrs. Mollie

Pre-cut paper with type
Thin Sharpie markers
Practice paper
Sticky notes for each student with their letter on it (ABC etc). 

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