Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miro Lines

LINE: what is a line
What kids of lines can you think of?
Do lines express emotion?
What happens to a line when it connects with another line?

Joan MIRO: 1893-1983
Spanish painter, sculpture
Would not commit to a certain art style
Associated with the surrealists
Born to the families of a goldsmith and watchmaker,
young MirĂ³ was drawn towards the arts community that was gathering in Montparnasse
1920 moved to Paris, France. He was influenced by the poets and writers,
he developed his unique style: organic forms and flattened picture planes drawn with a sharp line.
He would dream about his paintings
He would see the shapes on the ceiling

Look at Miros’ art work and talk about how he created it.

Step1: With a black marker connect a line to make a circle in the middle of your page
Step2 Black Marker connect a line to create a body for your circle
Step3: draw random lines for a background
Step4: draw random lines/shapes coming off your new person
Step5: using colored markers begin to fill in some of the shapes you have created
Step6: you can also draw more lines with your colored markers

colored markers
Black sharpies
White construction paper (12x18)cut in half (9x12)

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