Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowmen with Maud Lewis


I created our snow paint before we began.
It is half Shaving cream and Glue.

Discussion: Folk Art
A folk Artist is an untrained artist someone who has not studied art in school
Are you guys folk artists?

Maud Lewis is a Folk Artist
Nova Scotia, Canada
Born in Ohio
She suffered from disabilities as a result of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
lived most of her life in poverty with her husband in Marshalltown.
he began her artistic career by hand-drawing Christmas cards.
These proved popular with her husband's customers as he sold fish door to door and encouraged her to begin painting.
She used bright colours in her paintings and subjects were often of oxen teams, horses, or cats.
All of her paintings are of outdoor scenes.
Her house was one-room with a sleeping loft and is now located in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax.
Most of Maud Lewis' paintings are quite small - often no larger than eight by ten inches
she is known to have done at least three paintings 16 inches by 20 inches.
Her technique consisted of first drawing an outline and then applying paint directly out of the tube.
She never mixed colors.
She painted on everything in the home as she often did not have enough money to buy supplies
for more information on Maud Lewis:

Read a book The Snowy Day or any snow book.

PROJECT: On blue paper create a snow scene
Step1: Paint a tree with no leaves
Step2: put a red bird on one of the branches
Step4: Using the “snow paint the bottom of the page
Step5: paint in a large circle
Step6: paint a medium circle on top
Step7: paint a small circle on top (snow man)

Shaving Cream
Red Paint
Brown Paint
Blue paper 9x12

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