Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spray Bottle Still Life with Seurat

Preschool-Second grade
PREPARATION: add water to tempura paint making it very watery
create 4-6 different colors
fill travel spray bottles and make sure they mist when sprayed
Cut 10 apples, 10 pears, 10 bowls, 10 oranges, and 10 bananas from
card stock add blue tape to the back of each

What is a still life? Pick any still life example of a fruit basket to show the class
Have you heard that word before?
ART A still life what do you see?
Apples and a basket
How do the colors make you feel?
What is happening in the piece?
A STILL LIFE is a collection of objects that don’t move that artists paint or draw

Show Sunday afternoon in the park : what is happening in this piece of art?
How would it feel outside if you were there? Hot or cold?
How might it smell?
Are the people happy or sad?
What sounds would you hear?

ARTIST: Georges Seurat 1859-1891
French Painter
Invented pointillism
He studied the relationship between lines and images and the effect light had on color
He wanted to know more about the emotional effect of color
He influenced science with his studies of colors

PROJECT: create a dotted still life using spray bottles:
Step1: On your white card stock tape on a pear
Step2: Tape on a banana
Step3: Tape on an Apple
Step4: FINALLY tape on a bowl on top
Step5: Using a spray bottle spray on your first color
Step6: spray the second color
Step7: spray the next color continue until no more colors DO NOT GET TOO MUDDY
Step 8: remove fruit reviling the still life

PRE-PREPARED cut out fruits 10 of each
Blue painters tape
Spray bottles with 4-6 colors of tempura paint mixed with water
White tag board

Adaptations: The project is easily adapted to an older age group. I did this project with K-second graders by simply asking them to draw and cut out their own fruit. Bringing a bowl of fruit for the students to look at would be helpful. The steps for this project would be:

Step 1: Look at the fruit bowl
Step2: Draw the bowl
Step3: Draw each of teh fruits seperatly so you can easily cut them out
Step4: Cut out each of your fruits and yoru bowl
Step5: Use the blue tape to tape them back together on your thick paper
Step6: Pick a color and spray your paper
Step7: Remove a fruit
Step8: Pick another color and spary your paper again
Step9: Remove your fruit
Step10: Continue with the above steps until you have used each color and all of your
fruits are removed

Two sheets of tag board for each student
blue painters tape
4-6 spray bottles of watered down tempura paint in different colors

Here are some examples of work from this age group:

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