Friday, December 10, 2010

Imagination Color Wheel Forests with Marc Chagall

Color wheel
primary Colors
Secondary Colors
Mouse Paint
Show Chagall 
what do you think of this piece?
Do you see the upside down houses?
Do you see a large animal with a tiny animal on it’s face?
What about a tree?
Do you see a giant green face?
Are all the primary colors there?
what about secondary?
Marc Chagall
Russian Born. French painter
Known for his use of colors
Known for his dreamlike images
He used clear colors and geometric forms
worked from dreams and imagination
Mastered stain glass in his sixties
PREPARATION: create primary colored squeeze bottles for this project
where is says mix add both colors to that section of their paper
Step1: On the left side, top of your page, Paint a red tree top
Step2: On the Right side top of your page paint a yellow tree top
Step3: On the bottom middle of your page paint a blue tree bottom
Step4: Mix the color Orange and on the middle top paint an orange tree top
Step5: Mix the color Green and on the bottom right of our paper paint the color green
Step 6: Mix the color purple and paint a tree bottom on teh bottom left of your paper
Step 7: along the very bottom of your page add black watercolor 
Step8: Now tilt your page so the watercolor trickles into the treetops creating our forest. 
Squeeze bottles filled with Primary colored tempura paint
Black watercolor
white tag board

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