Friday, December 10, 2010

Value Trees with Eric Carle

Discussion: Value: 
Hold up different colors of green and ask what color it is
how can six colors of green all be green???
Value we have talked about adding white to colors
what did it do? makes them lighter
What happens if we added black to colors?
it would make them darker
Blue becomes navy
  green becomes olive
Artist: Eric Carle
American illustrator
Famous illustrating over 70 children’s books including Brown Bear
Uses Collage to create his artwork
His art work is created in the collage technique
He uses hand painted papers
He cuts and layers each piece of collage to create bright cheerful images
Went to art school in Germany
worked as a graphic artist for the NY Times
Bring an Eric Carle book to share with the class
PROJECT: Create a tree using values of green and triangles
Step 1: On Blue Paper, paste on a tree trunk in brown rectangle
Step2: on the truck paste a green triangle
Step3: on top of the triangle paste another value of green triangle
Step4: repeat until you have five triangles on to of one another creating a tree
Step5: Using two small yellow triangles add a star on top of your tree
Step6: using stripes of cut words from magazines paste three on top of each other 
creating a snow flake
Step7: repeat until you have three snow flakes on your page
Step8: fill in more snowflakes with white oil pastels 
Step9: if time allows teh students could add a 3 to 5 ornaments to the tree using
buttons or sequins or more collage materials
values of greens pre-cut into triangles
magazines, scrap paper
Two pre-cut yellow triangles
words from magazines cut into stripes for snowflakes
white oil pastels
Brown or olive tree trunks

ADAPTIONS: could create christmas trees with ornaments and presents
For older groups of children you could create a two week project and have them cut, create and prepare all the values of green for the project.

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