Friday, December 10, 2010

Line Portfolios with Howard Finster

Line: how important is line in art?
Can we even have any art without line?
where do we find line in nature?
lets think of all the fun lines we can think of and where we might see them
Artist: Howard Finster 
American, folk
He is perhaps the most famous self-taught artist of all time. 
Born in Alabama, he attended school for only 6 years. 
He was a jack-of-all-trades: house painter, bicycle and lawnmower repairman
Howard was a Baptist Minister for about 40 years until, in 1965, he realized no one in his congregation was listening to him. 
In 1976 an angel appeared upon the paint on his finger and said“paint art”.  
Finster and his family produced some 50,000 works many of which were signed, dated and numbered. 
Show his work and discuss
Create Finster hands with line
Step1: on your portfolio lay both hands and cross some fingers at the top
Step 2: a parent or  I will come by and trace your hands very quickly
Step3: using black marker begin to fill both hands will tons of different lines
Step4: try to stay inside the lines. Fill each finger
Step5: finish by adding fun color on top like Finster did
Poster board cut in half for preschoolers
black sharpies for lines
Markers to fill in the space between the lines

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