Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pattern and Shape Repetition with Miro

DISCUSSION: Repetition of shapes and line 
Look at the painting: "The Beautiful Bird Revealing the Unknown Pair of Lovers", by Joan Miro from the Constellation series, July 23, 1941.
What do you see in this painting?
What shapes? Geometric shapes? Organic shapes
What lines do you see? zig zag, curved, straight?
What colors do you see? Primary Secondary?
What is happening in this work?
Can you make up a story for what you see?
Is this work an abstract work of art?
What shapes and lines are repeated?
Spanish painter, sculpture
Would not commit to a certain art style
Associated with the surrealists
Born to the families of a goldsmith and watchmaker
Young Miró was drawn towards the arts community that was gathering in Montparnasse 
1920 moved to Paris, France. He was influenced by the poets and writers, 
He developed his unique style: organic forms and flattened picture planes drawn with a sharp line. 
He would dream about his paintings
He would see the shapes on the ceiling
for additional information, please visit:ó
PROJECT: Repeat shapes and lines to create a Miro style painting
Step1: using the side of illustration board drag forward to make black squares, repeat several times
Step2: using the side of illustration board twist to make an X in black, repeat several  times
Step3: using the side of illustration board print straight lines in the shape of a star, repeat several times
Step4: using the side of illustration board print just straight lines as many as you like
Step5: using black oil pastels add in black dots all over the piece could be at the ends of lines
Step6: using green, yellow, red and blue oil pastels add in some colored shapes 
Step6: using a thin black sharpie attach lines to shapes
Step 7: using thin black sharpies add lines through out the work, zig zag, curved, spiral
Black paint
Illustration board
Oil pastels
Thin black sharpies

This is a great recap project after you have studied line, shape, and the color wheel. It gives you a chance to revisit each element in one project. 

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