Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Flowers with Georgia O'Keeffe (ASAP)

ARTIST: Georgia O’keeffe 
known for painting large flowers
Show the examples of her work  in the book provided
            What Details do you see in her work
            can you see the veins of the flowers?
            what colors does she use?
            how do you think she created this artwork
            Do you see line? Shape?
ARTIST: Georgia O'Keeffe
         * American abstract painter born in Wisconsin. 
* She attended the Art Institute of Chicago, 
* the Art Student's League in New York, 
* Colombia Teacher's College in New York. She was an art teacher 
* all of the above before she became a full time artist. 
* married A very famous photographer
* She was a leader in the development of the American Modernism Movement. 
* O'Keeffe painted still lifes, massive flowers, the New York at Night series, southwestern landscapes and stark bones found in the desert. 
* In 1939, she was selected as one of the twelve most outstanding women of the past fifty years by the New York World's Fair Committee. 
* Her painting, Sunset-Long Island, was chosen to represent New York in an exhibition of the art of the United States at the World's Fair. 
* In 1985, O'Keeffe was granted the Medal of Arts by President Ronald Reagan
for additional information, please visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_O'Keeffe
Fill the small card with a flower and wonderful color
Step 1: You will need oil pastels and a 3x3 card
Step 2: use a pencil to lightly draw your flower. Feel free to have it run off the page like our artist
Step3: Using oil pastel Fill your flower with color and fill in your background. 
             remember to apply weight to the oil pastel so it goes on very thick
             you can blend the colors with your fingers or the blending stick
Cray pas
3x3 card stock

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