Friday, February 11, 2011

Weaving Tissue and found objects with Ellen Kochansky

K-1-2 Grades

DISCUSSION: Look at several examples of Ellen Kochansky's  work
Weaving? How is weaving art? 
What is weaving? 
Art A: how would this art feel? 
Is there a pattern? 
What is the pattern of this weave? 
Why did the artist name this piece riverdance? Nancy Curry
How to Weave: Over under, over under
Under over, under over
ARTISTEllen Kochansky
American textile designer
owns and designs for EKO. 
From rural South Carolina, 
she has made quilts and textile art for over 30 years. 
She has served as an American Canvas panelist for the National Endowment for the Arts and as a trustee of the American Crafts Council. 
Her works are in many public and private institutions including the Museum of Art + Design in NY, and the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC.
PREPARATION: Create looms in advance (one per student):
Step 1: cutting 12x18 black construction paper down to 12x12 square
Step 2: Gently bend them and cut strips one inch from top bottom and sides.  
Chenille stems
Found objects
Weaving with Tissue paper
Step 1: grab loom and tissue strips
` Step 2: begin weaving by going over and under stems
Step 3: with you next tissue strip go under over the stems
Step 4: return to over under
Step 5: return to under over
Step 6: embellish the weave using found objects like our artist
Step 7: glitter station
Step 8: glue on yarn 
Step 9: glue on fabric, glitter, beads, pom poms, feathers

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