Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Georgia O'Keeffe Symmetrical Flowers

symmetrical? What does that mean? Big Word that just means the same on both sides
Your face is symmetrical
Can you tell me a great natural example of symmetry? Butterfly.
Show Georgia O'keeffe's: white flower on red earth
discuss with the students how it is the same on both side
show how it is different on both sides
ask them if they like the piece?
when would they see that flower, in spring or winter?
how would it smell?

Georgia O'Keeffe
Known for painting LARGE flowers
Lived in Santa Fe New Mexico
Famous in her lifetime for her work
Also painted skulls
Married a famous photographer who changed the way she saw her artwork

Step1: cut out a symmetrical vase for your flowers
Fold your paper in half
Cut fun shapes up the side WITHOUT the fold
Open your vase
Step2: glue your vase on your page, paper should be vertical
Step3: using sponges pick up paint and print flowers above your vase in all different colors
Step4: add stems using a brush
Step5: turn in your project and clean your space

Scrap paper for vases
Sponges cut into petal shapes

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