Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Overlapping, Symbols, Color and Balance with Ryan McGinness

I showed the students the following video on your laptop/iphone:

If this is not a possibility just print a couple of his pieces of art and watch the video to explain his work.

Discuss his artwork
his theory about mistakes
his messages in his artwork
His method of applying paint

American artist,
living and working in New York City.
He grew up in the surf and skate culture of Virginia Beach, Virginia
studied at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as an Andrew Carnegie Scholar.
During college, he worked at the Andy Warhol Museum as a curatorial assistant.
Known for his original extensive vocabulary of graphic drawings which use the visual language of public signage, corporate logos, and contemporary iconography,
McGinness creates paintings, sculptures, and environments.

Use stencils to overlap and make a statement about your art
I found stencils at the doaller store and they worked great.

Step1: Large white paper
Step2: Think out your ideas in a sketch
Step3: Use oil pastels to get a hang of how they work
Step4: Begin to overlap your ideas
Step5: think about Color, balance and the visual statement you are creating

Oil pastels
Chalk Pastels
Letter stencils
White paper

ADAPTATIONS: grades k-3
have students cut symbols out of card stock to create symbol stencils
each student could cut three and all the stencils could be shared

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