Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Printmaking fish with J. Vincent Scarpace for K-2

Discussion: printmaking: what is that?
Do you ever print anything on the computer?
How many copies can you make?
can you make a copy of your artwork like a printer? How?
Can we copy our artwork here in class?

J. Vincent Scarpace, Artist.1971-
Born: Buffalo, New York
His original works are “a personal journey through the use of basic of art elements: line, shape, and color - resulting in an arrival, just past experimentation, at unique works of art which purposely resemble fish.”
He’s followed his passion for the creative process, the pursuit of one’s own creative potential.
J. Vincent knew from an early age exactly what he wanted to do with his life.
encouraged from about age 2 to pursue line, shape, and color, and the creation of art.
J’s mother, an artist in her own right, taught young J. Vincent how to enjoy drawing, painting, and sculpture very early on.
Having worked as an apprentice, production artist, and studio artist .
J. Vincent holds a BS in Education (Art and Education),
after several years of teaching in both private and public schools, he’s now a former teacher, "retired" very early, to his studio to continue his creative journey and drive toward the creation of unique works of abstract fish art. Today, J. Vincent Scarpace’s original works can be found in private and public collections in over 40 countries and in all 50 U.S. States.
He is currently in art galleries, in numerous restaurants, and in many corporate and professional collections. J. resides in College Station, TX
for more information, visit his website:

PROJECT: create a fish print to place on sea background
Step1: using the brayers paint on a background in yellow, set it aside to dry
Step2: on your flat Styrofoam draw a fish.
Start with the oval body and face
Add a tail in the shape of a triangle
Add fins on the top and bottom in the shape of Long triangles
Step3: in an red or blue paint your fish with the brayer
Step4: print your fish onto the background
Step5: add details plants, fins, swirls and dots using a qtip

Q tips
larger paper
Styrofoam to go trays, cut out the bottom and the top to have a 5x5" flat piece
bright colored paint (neon)

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