Friday, April 2, 2010

Complementary Collage with Eric Carle

Kindergarten-First grade

Show an example of Eric Carle's work using light colors
how do we make colors lighter?
What new colors do we create?
How does his art a make you feel?
Show an example of Eric Carle's work using dark colors
How do we make color darker?
What new colors do we create?
At what time of day is it?

COMPLEMENTARY COLORS: opposite on the color wheel
Make things stand out, contrast

ARTIST: Eric Carle
American illustrator
Famous for him many children’s books including Brown Bear
Uses Collage to create his artwork

COLLAGE: pasting paper on top of each other to create a picture or background

PROJECT: Create a value collage using all values of one color
Step1: pick a color that you want to use
Step2: from a magazine find different values of that color and begin to glue them on
the paper
Step3: Use tissue and colored paper scrapes as well
Step 4: glue down the collage pieces by overlapping them on each other
Step5: fill the page with your color
Step6: find a complementary colored object glue it on your collage
Ex: blue collage Orange vase on top
Ex: green collage red purse on top
Scrap paper, tissue and magazines for color
White paper cut in half

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