Thursday, April 15, 2010


Second-Fifth Grade

DISCUSSION: Color, Value:
Dominant color: Show a piece of art with one dominant color
Ask the students:what is the dom. Color?
What does the word dominant mean?
Do you like this piece?
How does it make you feel? Is it comforting?
Show another piece of art with a different dominant color
What is the mood
What is the dom. Color? Is it warm or cool? Does that add to the feeling?
VALUE: adding white to a color: tint
Adding black to a color shade
Value Scale: Show a value scale or create one on the board for the students to see.
Monochromatic: what does this word mean?
The word Mono means One and Chromatic means color. One color.

ARTIST: Wassily Kandinsky his work is in Wednesday class lesson plans
Russian Painter
Taught art in Munich Germany for ten years
Moved to Paris in 1933 became a citizen in 1939
He was excited by COLOR as a child
He related painting to playing music
Credited with painting the first modern abstract

PROJECT: Create Monochromatic Value Kandinsky circles on your page
Step1: choose a color. Get that color and black and white on your plate
Step2: with a pencil: draw circles on your page the size of your fist. Leave space between
Step3: repeat until you have 12 circles
Step4: draw smaller circles inside each large circle
Step5: Add black to your color and paint the background first
Step6: add white to your color and paint in a few rings
Step7: add more white to your color and paint a few more rings
Step8: continue until your finished


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  1. Worked just as well for a sketchbook exercise with my grade 10s and beginning 11s