Friday, April 16, 2010

Picasso robot line drawings in scratch art

Kindergarten-Second Grade

Two Week Project

DISCUSSION: Pre art: preparing to create artwork
What are some things you need to create artwork?
Materials: paint, markers, paper
Clay how do you make it? How do you reclaim it when it hardens?
Paper mache how do you make it? Can you buy it?
Printmaking how do you make the print?
SCRATCH ART? Where do you get it?
Can you make it?
How do you go about deciding where to place the different colors?
Pattern? How will it look when I scratch it off?
Under colors what are they?

PROJECT: Create scratch art paper for next weeks project:
Step1: with oil pastels decide on a pattern for your under colors
Step2: after you decide how to pattern and place your colors begin putting them on the page
Step 3; paint one coat of black paint on top of your paper

Tag Board
Oil pastels
Black paint mixed with dish soap.

Week 2:
DISCUSSION: blind contour drawing
What do you think it means
why would an artist choose to draw that way
are your results going to be perfect?
Show one of Picasso's Line drawings
what do you see
does it look like a photograph
are the lines perfectly straight
does it look like he was looking at his paper or the object he was drawing?

Have the kids practice many times on scrap paper. Keep all their work in their portfolio. You never know what a little blind Contour drawing might inspire for an Art Show.

We did Blind Contour Drawing of one of my son's robots. I set up the tables in a semi-circle so everyone could see the robot very well. We followed the rules of blind contour and the kids had so much fun.

Blind Contour Rules:
Continue to draw for the full time given
Never pick up your pencil
Never look at your paper

FINAL DRAWING is on the scratch paper we made last week

ARTIST: Pablo Picasso
known for cubism
painter, sculpture printmaking, theatre design posters
line drawings are continuous

PROJECT: complete a blind contour drawing of a robot on scratch paper
After trying Several one minute blind contour drawings of the robot
Step1: draw your FINAL blind contour robot drawing on your scratch paper
Step2: When the minute is up compare the real robot with the robot drawing
Step3: Add additional details into the robot
Step4: add details in the background, could be stars or dots or stripes.

Tooth pick

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