Thursday, April 15, 2010

Creating Relief Sculpture Glue Drawings with a Studied Artist

Second -Fifth Grade

TWO WEEK PROJECT great for the end of the year

Recap all artists we have studied and show their work on the board
Discuss relief sculpture. Raised sculpture on a flat surface
Most often seen on the side of a building
Show students photographs of examples of relief Sculpture
Do they see a story in the sculpture?

PROJECT: On tag board Create a glue drawing
Step1: decide which artist you want to revisit
Step2: using a pencil draw a quick drawing using your artist as inspiration
Step3: go over all your pencil lines with glue
Hold your glue bottle like a pen and make sure you have go lines to leave behind
Step4: place it to dry

Paint the tag board with a metallic paint
Step1: decide what color you want to paint your artwork
Step2: using a brush paint over the glue
Step3: leave a half an inch around your paper white
Step4: let it dry for a few minutes
Step5: finish anything left undone (shrinky dinks, sculpture)
Step6: using thick black or shoe polish paint, rub over the glue with a cotton ball
Step7: this will give it an antique look

tage board
Glue Bottles

Thick black paint OR shoe polish
Cotton balls

This project is perfect for the end of the year because 1: you can recap all the artist's you have studied and prepare your students for the art show. 2: there are so many little things to finish at the end of the year. None of these little projects will fill an hour but three little things keep everyone happy making art.

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