Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Color play with Gerard Richter

PREPARATION: cut and Glue all paper frames prior to class

Where does it come from?
What are the three primary colors?
How do we make red?
What are the 3 secondary colors?
What are the two most important neutrals?
What does white do to colors?
What does black do to colors?
Richter loves to play with color and the best example of this is in his work
The Dresden painter's 4900 Colors contains precisely that: 196 equal-sized panels, 
each containing 25 individual squares of color. 
49 paintings of 100 squares. 
To randomly determine the order and orientation of each panel, the curators rolled dice and drew cards from a pack.

Gerhard Richter (born February 9, 1932) 
Known for his blurred painting of photographs
Known for abstract paintings of pulled paint
for additional discussion:
Show Richter’s Abstract Art work
What do you see?
Does it look like a photograph? It is an Abstract
What does it make you think of?
Water reflections
Tree bark
Evoke textures of natural objects: reflections, shadows
What tools do painters use?
Canvas, brush paint
Where do you see layers of paint?
What order do you think he painted them in?
How do you think he created these effects?
Layers of paint scraped with a squeegee
Can an artist start a painting without knowing what they are going to create?

PROJECT: create a Richter color study on projector paper 11:45-1
PREPARATION: Cut 3 pieces of projector paper (8.5x11) into 8x8 square
Create white frame for the finish product to live in
Step1: draw lines 3 lines across, three lines down creating four open squares 
Across and down
Step2: begin to color in the square with sharpie markers making sure not to repeat colors 
Step3: repeat above steps until all three pages are filled
Step4: place the sheets together and place into white frame
Step5: show the students that every time you flip or change the order of the three pieces of art
           the art changes. 
Clear projector sheets cut to 8x8
White construction paper Frame

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