Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crown of flowers with Raoul Dufy

Shape: where do shapes come from?
Can you name a shape?
Where do we see shapes in nature?
How did shapes help you to get to class today?
How many shapes can you find in the classroom?
Artist: Raoul Dufy
(3 June 1877 – 23 March 1953) 
He was a French Fauvist painter. 
He developed a colorful, decorative style that became fashionable for designs of ceramics and textiles, as well as decorative schemes for public buildings. 
He is noted for scenes of open-air social events. 
He was also a draftsman, print maker, book illustrator, a theatrical set-dresser, a designer of furniture, and a planner of public spaces
He worked with Matisse and was influenced by Cezanne
Examples of his work below
PROJECT: (9:30-10:30) create a flower (star) garden crown from simple shapes
Step1: using scraps from yesterdays monsters cut shapes of felt
Step2: Cut large shapes and small shapes The small shapes will be glued 
Into the large shapes to create flowers or stars
Step3: glue together your stars or flowers (create at least five in different 
Step4: glue them unto the top of your fussy stem (pipe cleaner)
Step5: bend your stems at different lengths.
Step6: add any glitter to your flowers
Step 6: All it to dry
Step 7: Fold your piece of Green construction paper into a hot dog
OPTIONAL: we could paint shapes/flowers on green construction paper 
And construct entire crown at the end of class when dry???
Step8: measure your head and cut your crown to fit (teacher help)
Step9: place and glue your flowers into the fold so your garden will be 
Step 10: allow them to dry.
Green pipe cleaners
Scrap Felt
Glue or Glue Gun (fast)
Green construction paper
Glitter (optional)

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