Sunday, September 19, 2010

Duct tape artwork with Rebecca Ward

DISCUSSION: 10:45-11
Can tape become artwork?

Discussion ideas:
living artwork
installation of artwork
history of duct tape
If we have a lap top we can show the kids an installation video…
ARTIST: Rebecca Ward: 
(1984-    ) 
American Artist
Installations are site-specific works dependent upon the space they occupy. 
Utilizing existing lines, beams, and angles, each piece I create is informed by the individual site and its unique linear movement.
She chooses patterns and shapes according to detailed measurements of the installation site. 
Ideally these patterns are numerically symmetrical or somehow numerically balanced, producing a dialogue between line and space. 
She began working with tape because of the broad range of colors in which it is available. 
Additionally, I have always been drawn to its unique textural qualities.
She makes videos to create a dialogue with the tape installations. 
She sees the videos as a way to animate the tape installations, and further explore my architectural manipulation of space. 
When using tape, rather than leaving evenly-placed two-dimensional lines upon a wall, I expand upon the material’s sculptural potential and bring these installations into a third dimension. 
When using video, she angles projectors and uses multiple intersecting projections to create animated, two-dimensional shapes. This creates an illusionary space, a perceptual play of pattern, color, light, and texture that is realized by the viewer’s experience of, and interaction with the work.
EXAMPLE of her work below

for more information and art examples:
PROJECT: 11-12
Create a unique piece of art using tape on card stock
Step1: take a moment to think about what you would like to create
A picture of something
Lines and shapes
Step2: pick colors of tape you would like to use
Step3: using scissors begin to cut the tape in the right sizes and shapes for your ideas
Step4: begin to create your piece on paper
Duct Tape
Card stock

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