Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Repousse' sculpture with Georgia O'Keeffe

PREPARATION: cut foil, drawing paper and foam core to the same size before class begins. 6"x6" squares are ideal for this project.

Discussion: Form 
Form: to give shape to a thing or person
What is sculpture made from? wood, metal, plaster, wax, 
Repousse’: a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side
The word repoussé is French and means "pushed up", 
Repoussage is actually the correct noun to refer to the technique, with repoussé
being an adjective referring to a piece to which the technique has been applied
English it has become common to use repoussé as a noun, and this usage is reflected in this article.
Most Famous Sculpture done with this technique? Statue of Liberty in New York
ARTIST: Georgia O’Keeffe 
(November 15, 1887 – March 6, 1986) 
O'Keeffe was a major figure in American art from the 1920s. 
She received widespread recognition for her technical contributions, as well as for challenging the boundaries of modern American artistic style. 
She is known for paintings of flowers, animal bones, and landscapes in which she synthesized abstraction and representation.
O'Keeffe played a central role in bringing an American art style to Europe at a time when the majority of influence flowed in the opposite direction. 
This feat enhanced her art-historical importance given that she was one of few women to have gained entry to this level of professional influence. 
She found artistic inspiration in the rural Southwest, particularly in New Mexico, where she settled late in life
Project: Create O’Keeffe Flowers as relief sculpture on tooling foil 9:30-10:30
Step 1: On paper, Using one minute  Blind Contour, practice drawing the group of flowers     Repeat 3-5 times
Step2: pick your favorite drawing of all the flowers or one flower
Step3: Tape drawing to 6" square of tooling foil (aluminum, copper or brass).
Step 4: Lay on pad of newspaper (or foam pads, if available).
Step 5: Trace over all lines with a ball point pen or popsicle stick - Remove drawing from foil.
Step 6: The Tool flower is in relief from back side - repoussee.
Step 7: Turn back over to front side and refine edges of flower.
Step 8: Add any textural effects desired.
Step 9: Color with permanent markers.
Step 10: adhere to same size cardboard or foam core
Flowers or silk flowers. 
Square paper for blind contour drawings
Square tooling foil (or any desired size). 
Masking tape
Ball point pens or Popsicle sticks
Newspaper pads 
Permanent markers
Foam Core cut to the same size as the foil 6"x6" squares are ideal

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