Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weaving keychains and/or bracelets with Anni Albers

Discussion of the artist and her work
       weaving as a form of art
       using everyday/odd/found objects to create wearable art

ARTIST: Anni Albers
(1899 – 1994) 
She was a German-American textile artist and printmaker
She is perhaps the best known textile artist of the 20th century.
Albers worked primarily in textiles and, late in life, as a printmaker.
She produced numerous designs in ink washes for her textiles.
She experimented with jewelry. 
Her woven works include many wall hangings, curtains and bedspreads, mounted "pictorial" images, and mass-produced yard material. 
Her weavings are often constructed of both traditional and industrial materials, not hesitating to combine jute, paper, and cellophane, for instance, to startlingly sublime effect.
1928 she studied with paul klee and kandinsky at Bauhaus in Germany

I found these beautiful step by step instructions on:

PROJECT: (11:10-12) Create a bracelet using a ribbon picked by each artist.
Step one: Thread ribbon up from behind washer #1. You should leave about 6 inches of ribbon on the end.

Step Two: Thread ribbon up along the side of washer #2 and back down through the middle. The end should be threaded back through the middle of washer #1. (Still with me…)

Step Three: Pull ribbon tight so washer #2 lies flat against washer #1.

Step Four: Thread ribbon back up through washer #2 so it weaves underneath washer #1.

Step Five: Repeat process. Thread ribbon up alongside edge and back down through the middle of washer #3.

Step Six: Thread end of ribbon back through the middle of washer #2.

Step Seven: Pull ribbon tight to the right so you have all three washers laying flat. Repeat above steps until you have five on your ribbon.

 Step 8: tie it in your wrist. 
Ribbons in boy and girl styles

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