Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wild Thing Eco Bags with Henri Matisse

This project is a two hour/day project

Discussion (9:15-9:30)
What is it
How is it made or what do we need to have it? Repetition (ababab)
Where do we see it in this room?
Clothing bottom of shoes
Where do we see it at home
Wall paper
Bed clothing curtains
Artists use pattern all the time the most famous is MATISSE
ARTIST: Henri Matisse
French Painter, 
Matisse loved of line, shape and color. 
Matisse felt that his greatest influence had been the work of the artist Cezanne (1839 – 1906, French). 
Artwork known for his use of pattern
In the 1950‘s, Matisse began creating paintings using paint and paper cut outs. 
In his last years, as he aged and fell ill, Matisse continued to paint, this time on the walls of his room, using a piece of charcoal attached to the end of a bamboo pole. 
He painted until his death in 1954. 
Project 1 (9:30-10)
Create a line pattern using blue tape
Step1: use blue tape to create lines on your canvas bag
Step2: paint the spaces without paint using acrylic
Step3: allow it to dry
Step4: remove tape to reveal the stripes
Blue painters tape
Acrylic paint in all colors
Paint brushes
Canvas bag for each student
WILD THING tote bags: 
Where the wild things are
        Read the book
        Talk about the artwork
Detail each monster and the special things they may have on them: webbed 
Feet,  head dress, scales, horns, etc
Project: (11-12)
Step1: pick your favorite color from the fleece 
Step2: Cut out the shape of the monsters head. Remember horns
Step3: glue the monsters head to your bag.
Step4: pick white eyes and glue them to your monster
Step5: using a black marker draw an X in the eye
Step6: glue and draw on any other monster shapes you want 
Glue (maybe Hot Glue Guns to make project faster???)
White fleece cut into eye shapes
Black markers
Any fun accents the kids could add: rickrack, buttons, sequins, ribbon, etc.

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