Monday, September 20, 2010

Textured Relief Sculpture with Van Gogh


Allow 15 minutes for several days/weeks of art class to complete this project

What is texture?
Where do we find it in nature?
Where do we see it in life everyday?
How can it help us?
Where do we see it in art?

Relief Sculpture
       what is it?
       where do you see it?
       it usually tells a story
       what would you find on the back of relief sculpture?

Project: 11:30-1
Step1: look through the books on Van Gogh and choose your favorite piece
Step2: get a hunk of clay
Step3: using your hand, warm it up by just moving it through your fingers
Step4: begin the process of rolling it out with your hands
Step5: flatten the clay and create a square or rectangle
Step6: with a toothpick begin to draw out your van Gogh piece in the clay
Step7: draw it all in with line
Step8: now go back and look at the texture of the piece
Step9: using different tools recreate the texture in to your clay drawing

Day 2: (or week 2)
Your RELIEF sculpture is now leather hard
Leather hard means harder then yesterday but you can still make changes
Step1: using sculpture tools from yesterday, carve out additional details
Add more texture, make details deeper, etc.

Day 3 (week 3)
At this stage the clay will be completely hardened
Paint the clay with acrylic paints

Day 4 (week 4)
Finish the piece by adding a gloss coat over the paint. Modge Podge is a great option. 

If a kiln is available you would bisque fire after week two and glaze fire after the third week. 

1 pound of clay per child
assorted tools to add texture
  plastic forks and knives
  tooth picks
Acrylic paint
Modge Podge

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